Raw Apple Pie

I saw a recipe for a raw apple pie from a fully raw girl in Texas* that I go to for delish raw food ideas.  It looked so delish I had to try it.  I just had a couple of issues with the recipe.  First was the sheer volume of ingredients.  Everybody, including myself, wants to look at a recipe and say, hey I can throw that together no prob.  Second, it made A LOT!  Thus the volume of ingredients. So, I cut the recipe down and traded in the massive pie for a small dish a fraction of the size, 6″ dish as opposed to a 12″ spring form pan.  We all need to be aware of portion control.  Even though this is a raw recipe does not give you a pass to eat an entire pie! You see my fully raw girl is just that…fully raw.  If ALL you eat is raw fruits & veggies, you are going to take in a large volume of food and a lot of natural sugars.  Which is fine if that is all you eat. But… most of us eat a combination of foods for our meals and when you eat this way and combine it with a lot of raw sugar you gain weight.  So enjoy this tasty raw apple pie for dessert, just don’t eat huge volumes of it.  Now, if you want to make it for a family gathering you can increase the recipe and build it in a spring form pan and make a gorgeous pie.

This is what you’ll need:

3 Apples (sweet not green)

3/4 to 1lb  of Dates (pitted) available at Whole Foods in the refrigerator section of produce

1/2 c. Dried Figs (I used Made in Nature Calimyrna Figs, dried & unsulfured)

Dash Cinnamon

Dash Nutmeg

Yep, that’s it, 5 ingredients.

The first step is building the “crust.”  All you do is combine 1/2 lb of dates (pitted) with 1/2 cup of dried figs.  In your Food Processor pulse and blend until gooey! Press it into your dish.  If your fingers get too sticky, just dip them in water before you press.

Second you need to create the sauce to layer with your apples.  I used my VitaMix to blend 1 apple, 1/3lb of pitted dates with a dash of cinnamon (I used a big dash) and a little dash of nutmeg.  Remember that nutmeg is really strong so just a dash.  Now, I really love cinnamon so I did a couple of shakes of cinnamon.  This should blend into a sauce consistency. Think applesauce. To start, spread a thin layer over your “crust.”

Now, use a mandolin to slice your 2-3 apples very thin.  If you don’t have a mandolin, no problem, just thinly slice your apples.  Now just lay one layer down in your dish. Then spread more sauce to thinly cover the apple and continue layering until your dish is full.

You can double or triple your recipe depending on how many people will be eating or how big your pie pan is that you are using.


This is what it should look like when it’s “fully assembled!”

Give this a try and leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

I also want to give a shout out and many thanks to *FullyRaw Kristina in Texas for the inspiration of this recipe. Genius!  If you want to try more fully raw recipes or meals, check out her YouTube Channel at FullyRaw Kristina.

Thanks guys for trying these healthy and delicious recipes and getting on the wellness revolution train!


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