Raw Apple Pie

I saw a recipe for a raw apple pie from a fully raw girl in Texas* that I go to for delish raw food ideas.  It looked so delish I had to try it.  I just had a couple of issues with the recipe.  First was the sheer volume of ingredients.  Everybody, including myself, wants to look […]

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Acupuncture News

I haven’t done an acupuncture news post for a few weeks and there are quite a few new studies that have come out.  Plus, the White House gave an official response to the petition submitted requesting that Acupuncture be covered under the Social Security Act & Medicare.  This is one of the biggest questions that […]

Workout Rescue! Take the Pain out of Your Workout

Alright, so I know you all have seen the pictures floating around comparing what the gym looks like in December compared to what it looks like in January! When January rolls around people are full of resolution & drive to get fit in the new year.   The first thing that happens is that you wake up so […]

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Detoxes for the New Year

It’s the New Year and everyone is about the Detox, especially after the excesses of the Holidays!  Well, all detoxes are different. You have to be specific as to what your goal is right now.  You may want to do and intestinal detox, a chemical detox or a liver detox. What’s your pleasure? Intestinal Detoxes […]

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