Refresh Your Water… A Healthy Fresher Alternative

Everyone knows you should drink more water.  Most people don’t drink enough.  I’m the first to admit that it gets boring drinking plain ole water. So my answer is to boost the health benefits and the taste of my water and I actually drink much more of it.  Variety is key here.  I felt the need to address this as multiple big name beverage companies are coming out with toxic flavor boosters for your water.  I want to you to do it the healthy way, we don’t need to add more toxic ingredients.

First I recommend a good filtered water.  If you can’t use a reverse osmosis filter then there are several good quality “10 stage” filters on the market that are either stand alone units or attach to your kitchen faucet. If you use reverse osmosis water, you may want to add a small pinch of pink salt to a pitcher of water to add back essential minerals that were lost in the filtering process.

So back to the refreshing water upgrades I typically concoct.

First up, Organic Jasmine Green Tea. I really like the Jasmine Green Tea the best because the hint of Jasmine blooms adds a really light & refreshing note to the water. Plus the green tea adds a lot antioxidant power to the water with catechins.  Green tea has been studied in numerous trials for it’s ability to decrease risk factors for many diseases including reducing body fat, high blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and some actions involved in cancer. (see below for some research links) Not a bad way to spike your water, eh?!  My favorite is Prince of Peace Organic Jasmine Green Tea. It’s very inexpensive and tastes great! I always have large Ball Jars filled with it in my refrigerator.  If I’m out an about you’ll probably see me picking up a Starbucks Iced Green Tea Unsweet.

Secondly, I make my own “vitamin water” at home.  It tastes amazing and refreshing.  This time of year, when citrus is abundant, is a great time to add oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, etc.  If you use what’s in season it tastes better and it’s easier on your wallet.  When berries are in season, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries are all great to add to water. I just fill a Ball jar three quarters full with filtered water and add sliced fruit and usually some fresh mint.  Just leave it in the refrigerator overnight to let the flavors marinate. Then, drink it the next day. The nutrients from the fruit diffuse into the water loading it with oils, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  This picture is of a jar I did the other night with oranges, limes and fresh mint from the garden. Just a hint here, mint grows like a weed, so it’s easy to grow and adds a refreshing zing to plain water and most beverages. The beauty of the citrus and especially lemon is that it is very cleansing and alkalizing to the system so it is an overall health tonic that is frankly easy & tasty to incorporate into your day.

Just a little side note to add to any flavored drink.  You can always add a teaspoon of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar to it.  I don’t want you to ruin the refreshing taste, so most will want to use just a teaspoon instead of the whole Tablespoon that I normally recommend. One teaspoon in a quart or half gallon of water will barely be detectable.  It’s always a good idea during the holidays to counter the colds & flus going around and the copious amounts of sugar people tend to eat during this time of year.

So, here’s to getting more water in during the day in a tastier and healthy way.  Let me know what combo’s you come up with and how you liked them! Cheers!

Some Links to Studies showing the health benefits of green tea:



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