“Freedom lies in being Bold” – Robert Frost

Here’s a little New Years Eve thought for you to consider.  I like this quote…it’s so true.

“Freedom lies in being bold.”  – Robert Frost

Be bold this year.  Too many people are bland, they live bland, they think bland, they are bland. Whether it is your job, your family, being a parent or spouse,  or YOUR HEALTH.  Too many people sit in bland, in the comfort zone.

You see, for most people, it seems there needs to be pain or trauma or something that shakes your world to elicit a change in the way you live your life.  This can be true in any area of your life or all areas of your life.  You’re not uncomfortable enough to make a change.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are happy either.  You were put here to live a full life. So make a decision this year to live that full life.  Don’t sit in your comfortable rut and let life happen to you, actually go out and make life happen.

I see this in health every day.  You learn to live with pain.  You wake up with it, it’s with you all day and you have trouble sleeping with it.  But… it isn’t so bad that you don’t go to work, go to the football game or the barbeque.  It just becomes a way of life.  You don’t have to live in pain.  Go to Acupuncture and get rid of the pain and get on an exercise routine.  You may be diabetic and take insulin.  You think it’s “under control.” Uhm… you still have diabetes.  How about getting guidance and fix the problem instead of managing it with meds?

You’ve been 50lbs or more over weight for years.  It just doesn’t come off.  How about getting nutritional, exercise and motivational guidance to help you. Don’t just learn to live with it and stay in that comfort zone. You’re better than that.

Again, this can be your marriage or your job.  It takes work. Marriage takes work.  Are you in a job that doesn’t excite you?  Find out what does excite you and find a way to do that.  Is that easy? Heck no, but nothing great ever is!

So Be Bold and make decisions this year.  Get out of the comfort zone, that comfortable rut, and make decisions to be a Happier and Healthier You this year.

And Remember…there’s someone here to help you…ME!

Happy New Year!

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