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Good stuff in Acupuncture News this month.  I have attached two links for you to explore.

The first link is a short, very short, video by Marlo Thomas.  Marlo has a web series on health for the Huffington Post. In this clip she interviews Dr. Oz on acupuncture.  One of her viewers wrote in asking if acupuncture was actually useful or malarkey.  Watch this ringing endorsement by Dr. Oz.  He even describes hospitals in China, as I do, as having two sides.  One Western, where you might get heart surgery, and one Eastern, where you get acupuncture, cupping and herbal medicine.  If you get shot, go to the Western side, if you suffer from the millions of everyday maladies that people suffer from, go to the Eastern side.  My sentiments exactly!  Click through the link and watch this great interview…

Secondly, I have a link on Sports Acupuncture for the Competitor or the Weekend Warrior. Check out the why’s and how’s of using acupuncture for improved sports performance as well as injury prevention and treatment.  See how top athletes keep in the game.  Plus there’s a nice review of Chinese Topical Herbs that you can use at home to keep yourself moving.  If one sounds interesting, just stop by the pharmacy here & check it out.


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