4 Steps to Heal Your Nervous System & Your Health

Today’s definition of health is a bit skewed in my book.  It seems that people think they are healthy if they aren’t fighting cancer or tracking their meds on an Excel Sheet.  Actually, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  If you have cancer or a cabinet full of meds, you have been unhealthy for years.  Things don’t just pop up over night, instead they take years to brew.  I’ve found many people have a false sense of health. You’ve seen the person who works out or runs every day but eats candy and fast food and drinks soda, yet they think they are the picture of health. Or how about the person who is crazy strict about their diet, but is a bundle of nerves from excessive stress and lack of sleep.  These are not healthy people.

Health is actually a combination of good nutrition, good sleep, exercise and living in a place of joy and relaxation, not over burdened by stressors.  Stressors? Yes, stressors, they aren’t just your 2 year olds meltdown or your boss’s insane demands, stressors to your body and your health come from many places.  Stressors also include toxins from food, water and the environment, trauma, and stress from physical and emotional pain.  Everyone has a little of all of the above, am I right? Me included!  It seems a bit overwhelming, no? So, where is a good place to start to regain health?  THE NERVOUS SYSTEM!

From Grays Anatomy: The Nervous System is the master control system of the human body.  It controls every organ, cell, tissue and function of the body.   Without it, each system would not exist.

Just to be clear here this includes:  The Digestive System (Nexium anyone?), Hormonal System (infertility, menstrual irregularity, sleep, or worse), Cardiovascular System (heart attack, stroke, statins), Immune System (chronic colds, autoimmune disorders, or worse), Muscular System (chronic pain or frequent injury), Respiratory System (asthma, allergies, chronic cough), and the Circulatory System (high blood pressure, edema, Reynaud’s).  These are just a few of the examples that I treat in the clinic.

So can you take meds for these conditions? Sure you can…to patch it and make it feel better, maybe.  But, until you address the nervous system and the root causes you will not have true recovery & health.

Step 1

The best place to start and the best way to treat the nervous system is with Acupuncture.  Scientifically, acupuncture actually works through the nervous system.  The channels are thought to represent the nerves that originate in the spinal cord and spread throughout the body to control all of the body systems.  When an acupuncture needle stimulates these nerves, signals are sent to the brain where neurotransmitters are released, triggering the body’s self-healing and regulating mechanisms.

Step 2

Add herbals and supplements to help aid in the healing.  This might be to help with a particular organ or channel system, to heal a particular trauma, or help your body deal with “Stressors” that might be present.  Herbals whether Chinese or Western are great at helping the body with a wide variety of “stressors” that affect the overall functioning of the body.

Step 3

Changing the diet to include good nutrition.  This is more than eliminating cola, candy bars and fast food. Boxed cereal and frozen dinners, even when they are promoted as “healthy,” are not good nutrition.  Fresh real whole foods provide actual real nutrition to heal the body.  (Cruise the blog & you’ll find lots of info on this!)

Step 4

Start a regular exercise and de-stressing routine.  The body was meant to move so let’s move it.  The body was also meant to relax and heal, so give yourself this time or you might find your body will force this upon you, which is never fun! The key is finding an exercise that you love.  This takes time.  You hate running?  No problem, there are loads of other things you can do.  Don’t give up until you find it.  You also need to find that time to sit and be still and let the body relax.  You know, the big sigh.  Picture sitting on your porch after a hard day with a hot cup of tea and watching the kids play, watching the woods or the garden or just taking a few moments to shut your eyes and breath.  If this feels great to you, then you may want to try meditation.  Either way, relax your body & your mind.  Both exercise and decompression will help your body and your nervous system recover.

Don’t wait for your body to slow you down. Start these steps today.

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