Should You Scale Back on Salt?

The answer is Yes & No!  How’s that?  Let me explain.

Should you scale back on regular old Morton’s iodized table salt?  The answer is yes or actually NO!  Just completely eliminate it from your diet!  The cute little girl with the umbrella has nothing good for you. You know I’m all about real whole foods.  This is not.  It has been processed and stripped of anything that is good about salt and then they add anti-caking agents such as aluminum hydroxide, refined sugar, stearic acid, sodium ferrocyanide (yikes!), calcium phosphate and other undesirable additives. This stripped form of salt is in fact toxic in my humble opinion. This is the salt that studies have been conducted with showing that it is bad for your health, bad for your heart, bad for your blood pressure.  And I agree. It isn’t really good for anything.

The flip side of this question is… Should you scale back on all salt?  No, because not all salt is created equal!  I am a big proponent of Pink Salt as you see in my recipes.  I use a lot of pink salt in my cooking.  I also recommend it as a replacement for Gatorade (recipe coming soon).  Pink salt, or Himalayan Pink Salt, is salt in its natural form.  It hasn’t been processed to death.  In fact, it is good for your health. It’s very rich in minerals, over 84 minerals and trace elements.

So what does pink salt do that Morton’s doesn’t?

Balances Electrolytes

Supports Nutrient Absorption

Eliminates Toxins

Balances pH

Normalizes Blood Pressure (yes, normalizes)

Increases Circulation

Why does it do all this? It is unprocessed, sort of “raw” if you will,  and it’s mined from caves that are over 250 million years old. Remember, if it’s raw or real whole food it is designed to feed the body, whether it’s fruit or salt.

How do I use the Pink Salt?  Lots of ways!

One I cook with it everyday. Simple.

For people with high end water filtration systems, I think it’s a good idea to add back salt.  You see the high end filters are amazing at eliminating harmful and sometimes deadly elements that make their way into the tap water, but they also strip the water of plenty of minerals as well.  For this purpose you can buy the pink salt rocks.  Fill a gallon container and drop a rock in the bottom.  It will gradually melt into the water adding back the elements that were stripped.  I have found that this is especially good for those individuals who suffer with adrenal fatigue, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and autoimmune challenges.

I also make my own sports recovery drink.  I can’t tell you how toxic Gatorade drinks are for you.  Please oh please stop the Gatorade.  Every day that I’m in the gym I cringe when I see people with big bottles of Gatorade or other brightly colored “recovery” drinks. They are doing more harm than good!  (Sigh!) Make sure you come back next week to see my homemade Electrolyte drink for post workout recovery as well as replacements for those horrific gooey squeezey energizers people think they need to power through a tough workout. Real food people!  Recipes and deets next week!

I have two kinds of Pink Salt here for you.  One is a straight up Himalayan Pink Salt and one is a Pink Salt that is a combination salt from two distinct mines and it’s delish. And just a note, don’t be fooled by a lot of those “Sea Salt” bottles out there.  Salt is sea salt, it’s the processing or lack there of that determines if it’s good for you. Unprocessed salt is not white, just FYI. Don’t be fooled by marketing! If you’re eating salt, you want the real deal.

Has Pink Salt helped you?  Let me know in the comments.



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