10 Minute Easy Skillet Lunch

Everyone wants easy these days.  Easy & Quick actually.  I think this is part of the drive-thru/take out routine.  But, drive-thru and take out are not part of the eating real whole foods plan.  Let me just say that if you think when you get an order of fries all you get are potatoes, oil and salt, you are sadly mistaken.  The number of ingredients in drive-thru fries is staggering!  I mean if just the fries have a long laundry list of ingredients can you imagine how many ingredients are in that special sauce sandwich? Not good. BUT, eating real whole foods doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming.  You say, but oh the shopping, the prep, the cooking, oh my!  Let me just say that I shop once a week, usually Saturday or Sunday.  I might go back Wednesday or Thursday just to pick up 3-5 fresh things in produce, that’s it.  And prep & cooking?  Pshh!

This is what I ate yesterday.  A quick and easy one skillet dish that took maybe 10 minutes. I put about a tablespoon of coconut oil in the skillet, rough, and I mean rough, chopped onions, and 4-6 oz of grass fed beef. I try to buy the grass fed beef in quantity when it’s on sale and freeze it.  This was just ground grass fed that I portioned out and froze. I cooked it maybe 5 minutes.  I added some rough chopped organic red bell peppers. Sprinkled a little pink salt and Simply Organic Garlic & Pepper on it. You definitely need to change it up everyday with your spices.  If you eat the same thing everyday, you get bored. Sometimes I go curry, sometimes, Mexican with lots of cumin, sometimes Italian, and sometimes you need to just wake up your taste buds with a flare! So that’s exactly what I did yesterday and I added a kick with my favorite sriracha sauce on it.  Just a tad for heat & flavor. Simple!

Just a quick note here.  I only like for you to purchase prepared food in small and I mean small quantities.  Your cart should have 5 or less things each week that are prepared.  This Sriracha sauce is a good example.  It’s gluten free, organic and has minimal ingredients.  Particularly, it does NOT have high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or colors and no none food ingredients on the label (you know and can pronounce all ingredients!).  These types of items are examples of your exceptions of non fresh whole food items, and there are very few of them. Now back to lunch…

I plated it and covered it in sliced avocado and sprinkled avocado with pepper (I like it that way!) and I was ready to eat in 10 minutes flat. Seriously, 10 minutes!  You don’t have 10 minutes for lunch or dinner?   Don’t make eating real food difficult because it just isn’t.

Oh, I do think I had a square of my Green & Blacks 85% Dark Chocolate for dessert before I headed back to the office.

This quick one skillet lunch/dinner can go 6 ways to Sunday!  I usually throw this together for my lunches.  I use whatever meat I am hungry for or have available and use whatever vegetables I have on hand.  These change somewhat with what’s available and in season. You can also change up the spices that you use to keep your food interesting.

So, what did you throw together today?  Let me know.

Start your own health revolution and start eating real whole foods!

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