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A couple of new studies came out in the last month supporting acupuncture’s benefits in treating various diseases.  I usually post studies relating to Pain, Sports or Fertility issues because honestly that is the bulk of what I treat. But, I wanted to remind you all that Chinese Medicine is all inclusive.  You can utilize this medicine for almost anything you would go to your western doctor for treatment. Below are two diverse uses including COPD and Ulcerative Colitis.

If you know someone suffering, forward this so they know there are options.  You can always use it as an adjunct therapy as well.

Acupuncture Eases COPD

New research shows acupuncture reduces dyspnea, difficulty with breathing, and increases exercise capacity for patients with COPD. Acupuncture also showed demonstrative improvements in quality of life scales and overall pulmonary function.

Amazing results included: acupuncture improving exercise capabilities, arterial blood gas, rib cage motion, respiratory function including forced vital capacity and respiratory muscle strength. Acupuncture also demonstrated a significant positive impact on the activities of daily living score. Additionally, acupuncture improved the body mass index and pre-albumin levels of patients with COPD.   To See More…


Acupuncture Improves Ulcerative Colitis

New research confirms acupuncture and herbal medicine relieve chronic ulcerative colitis.  The disorder is an inflammatory disease of the intestines. Western treatments include anti-inflammatory drugs, immunosuppression and surgical removal of parts of the intestines, yikes! Chinese medicine has used acupuncture and herbal medicines to treat ulcerative colitis for over a 1,000 years.

Research found that the acupuncture combined with herbal medicine group had significantly better patient outcomes than the drug group. AND, the acupuncture combined with herbal medicine group seldom had any side effects whereas the drug group experienced adverse effects from the treatment.     See more at…


Now for a little of the Sports Acupuncture, of course.  A colleague in NYC wrote a nice article on Why All Athletes Should Use Acupuncture.  Even if you aren’t an athlete it’s definitely worth the read as she goes over the “side-effects” of regular acupuncture. Check it out here…

Jennifer Dubowsky also wrote a great article on Cupping for the website Mind Body Green.  It’s just a nice summary of uses and benefits but I love seeing these articles in the news. Here’s the link for you…

Again, if someone you know is suffering, share this blog post to spread the word that people have options in treatment.

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