Should You Scale Back on Salt?

The answer is Yes & No!  How’s that?  Let me explain. Should you scale back on regular old Morton’s iodized table salt?  The answer is yes or actually NO!  Just completely eliminate it from your diet!  The cute little girl with the umbrella has nothing good for you. You know I’m all about real whole […]

Acupuncture News

A couple of new studies came out in the last month supporting acupuncture’s benefits in treating various diseases.  I usually post studies relating to Pain, Sports or Fertility issues because honestly that is the bulk of what I treat. But, I wanted to remind you all that Chinese Medicine is all inclusive.  You can utilize […]

10 Minute Easy Skillet Lunch

Everyone wants easy these days.  Easy & Quick actually.  I think this is part of the drive-thru/take out routine.  But, drive-thru and take out are not part of the eating real whole foods plan.  Let me just say that if you think when you get an order of fries all you get are potatoes, oil […]

Your Weekly Food Rotation…. A Healthy Shopping List

When I start to work with someone they usually are a bit lost in the wilderness when they go shopping.  For many they think Whole Grain Honey Nut Cheerios is healthy (which it’s not!) so they sort of panic and don’t know where to start. So I put together a little breakdown list for everyone […]

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