Pain & How to Fix It!

As most of you know the majority of what I work on in the acupuncture arena of the Wellness Center is Pain & Fertility.  Pain is a big one for people.  It zaps the joy right out of life and it often takes you away from the things you love.  I would say the majority […]

Change Your Soundtrack

I was inspired to share this with you this week because I have talked to a lot of people in the last few weeks that are chronically obsessed with what they don’t want in their lives.  Here’s the thing, you can read all the books, buy all the DVD’s, buy cookbooks, join a gym, go […]

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This message came over on the Facebook Page. I wanted to share their amazing news with you… “Hi Dr. Shelly,  I wanted to write to say thank you for helping us.  We are so excited to welcome our newest family member, Tanner Joseph.  He was born Monday, Aug 5th and weighs in at 9 pounds, […]

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Here’s a great testimonial from the Facebook Page (Aug 2013).  A great testimonial as to the amazing benefits of cupping.  I love hearing these stories… “Oh My!! The cupping was AMAZING!! My neck, back, and shoulders haven’t felt so good in years. I recommend it to everyone. Thank you so much for all the work […]

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When Do You Need Acupuncture?

When do you need acupuncture the most?  Hmm. The answer seems to be when you think you don’t!  It’s sort of like exercise in that regard, when you least want it is usually when you most need it.  I try to explain this all the time because I tend to get two lines from patients regarding […]

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How to Get More Nutrients from the Food You Eat

You know you need to reduce/eliminate sugar and artificial sweetners.  You know you need to eliminate gluten and reduce or eliminate grains. You know your plate should be mostly vegetables. You get that and you’re working on it. (Pause for proud moment for you…go ahead and pat yourself on the back!!).  You are eliminating processed […]

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