My Top Super Foods Picks for Smoothies

This is a list of my top 3 Super Foods that I’m obsessed with right now.  Now, to be clear there are so many excellent Super Foods to add to your rotation, but this is what I’m currently using a lot of these days.



Is Great for:  Minerals, Muscle Building, Bone Strength, Brain Function, Energy, Expecting Moms, Hormone Balance, Inflammation, Reproductive Health, Stamina, Anti-Aging, Balance Hormones

Maca’s reputation as a powerful strength and stamina enhancer as well as libido-enhancing food-herb stretches back into prehistory. Maca, like goji berries and ginseng, is a powerful adaptogen, which means it has the ability to balance and stabilize the body’s systems (cardiovascular system, nervous system, musculature, lymphatic system, etc.). As an adaptogen, maca can provide more energy if it is needed, but if it is not, it will not overstimulate (unlike caffeine!). Adaptogens also boost immunity and increase the body’s overall vitality by 10-15% according to most studies. Rather than addressing a specific symptom, adaptogens are used to improve the overall adaptability of the whole body to diverse and challenging situations and stress.  Now who couldn’t use a little of that?!

Benefits Include:

Said to improve memory, oxygen in the blood, neurotransmitter function and libido, studies have also shown that the adaptogens in Maca can boost your immunity and increase your body’s overall vitality by 10-15%.

Maca is mineral-rich with calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur and iron, and contains trace minerals, such as zinc, copper, selenium, manganese and silica.

Additionally, as a good source of vitamins and sterols, Maca contains nearly 20 different amino acids and seven essential amino acids, it’s almost 10% protein, giving you a wide variety of benefits for your on-the-go lifestyle.

How to Use: For consistent use, it’s recommended that you consume 1-3 teaspoons each day and take a week off every month.

Personally I add 1 Tbsp to my morning smoothie.  It adds a malt-like flavor which I love.


Raw Cacao (raw chocolate, raw cocoa) is one of nature’s most fantastic superfoods due to its high mineral content and wealth of antioxidants.  This is pre- milk & sugar!  Actually, raw is oh so important here as many brands or makers of cocoa are processed and heated which destroys a lot of the nutrition in raw cacao.


Raw Cacao Powder is packed with antioxidants, including polyphenols, catechins and epicatechins that help to fight off free radicals, giving you a healthy, complete superfood known as the Food of the Gods. In addition, flavonols help the body produce Nitric Oxide, a compound essential for proper heart function. Phenylethylamine (PEA) and anandamide help boost your Happy. Raw cacao is also a natural source of trace minerals, such as manganese, zinc and copper, which help to maintain healthy blood while theobromine, iron, chromium, magnesium and omega-6 fatty acids play an important role in heart health, brain function, growth and development.

Let’s just emphasize the Magnesium for a sec.  80% of Americans are magnesium deficient and raw cacao is the #1 source of magnesium of any food. It’s a great alkaline mineral. You most likely need more of this, just sayin’.

And concerning Antioxidants, get this… Cacao contains the highest concentration of antioxidants of any food in the world! These antioxidants include polyphenols, catechins, and epicatechins. By weight, Cacao has more antioxidants than red wine, blueberries, acai, pomegranates, and goji berries COMBINED.  Holy Guacamole… Did you know this?!

OK… now why are you not adding this to your smoothies?  It’s choco – latte man!


Is Great For:  Children, Energy, Expecting Moms, Stamina, Alkalinity, Anti-Aging, Antioxidant use.

An incredible superfood native to South America, acai powder contains a complex blend of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and amino acids. Nutrient-rich acai has become a favorite among athletes and the health-conscious.


  • Provides antioxidants at an ORAC value of 4,000-5,125 μ mol TE per 5g serving
  • Rich source of omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids
  • High in fiber and protein
  • Contains micronutrients, including polyphenols and flavonoids

Just add it to smoothies, raw ice creams, yogurt or homemade energy bars.

My local people have convinced me to stock these for you in the office.  I have found what I believe to be the best source for these Superfoods.  There are varying degrees of quality when it comes to superfoods, from sourcing to processing.  Sunfood is consistently superior in their sourcing and processing to preserve the nutrition in these powerhouse foods.

Now just combine these in your smoothies.  They work whether you use a water/coconut water based smoothie or a milk (raw, coconut, almond, etc) based milk.  I have to say, when you add the cacao and maca to a milk based smoothie you get a little bit of heaven in a glass.

Let me know if you’re using any of these right now and what you think.  Or… If you have questions, just respond in comments.

Happy Blending!




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2 Responses to “My Top Super Foods Picks for Smoothies”

  • Betty Douglas says:

    Good Morning,
    I have been reading your site and am so impressed. In April of this year I started to use Probiotic Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics because I was always bloated, carried around a “big belly” and was constantly tired – I have diabetes, and RA as well. Along with the probiotics I started the candida diet (partially), stopped using sugar (candy bars, packaged cake mixes, etc), and actually started to feel so much better within a few months. I still have a few problems, like not being able to sleep well without taking a 1/2 of a sleeping pill nightly – plus, I’m always tired. What might I be doing wrong? I’d greatly appreciate any help you could direct my way.
    Thanks for your help.

    • It sounds like you’re on the right track. I would make sure your diet consists of all real foods. Natural or wild meats, fish, poultry and eggs with fruits and vegetables. Try to eliminate all packaged foods, but it sounds like you have started that process, just keep it up.

      Stress may be the culprit here as well. Exercise helps if this is the problem.

      Hormone testing, including adrenal hormones, as well as neurotransmitter testing might pinpoint something that is off for you. If any of these are off they could be affecting your sleep.

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