5 Tricks to Get You on the Wellness Wagon

Some people need a couple really clear guidelines to start on their wellness journey.  Others need to play tricks on themselves to get them started.  Once you grab a couple of directives and master them over the next few weeks it’s oh so much easier to make additional changes.  It’s always a feather in our hat and very motivating if we accomplish small easier goals up front.  This gives us more power to hurdle the obstacles for the long haul.  So I put together 5 Tricks to get you started.  Pick one pick two pick all five it’s your choice!  Word of warning if you pick too many at the gate it might be overwhelming. But hey, if you have some major mojo going on, more power to you.

1. Pretend you have a severe allergy to Bread/Gluten.  I’m talking you break out in hives all over or your throat starts to close… epi pen anyone?  If this were the case you wouldn’t cheat, would you?  You see wheat causes inflammation in your body.  Who needs that?  Secondly, the wheat carbohydrate, amylopectin A, breaks down so easily and increases blood sugar quicker than table sugar.  It increases cravings and inflammation in the body. This also makes your body hold onto fat, particularly belly fat. Again, who needs that?

2. Switch to Coconut oil for cooking.  Olive oil is great for dressing, but not so much for cooking. Stick to coconut. It is safer at high heats and, bonus, it has so many amazing health benefits. Most vegetable oils are pro-inflammatory and don’t hold up well with heat.  Worst yet, the most commonly used, canola oil, is probably genetically modified unless it’s organic which means it’s not the original real canola or rapeseed plant and it’s seriously doused with pesticides. Best stick to unrefined coconut oil.

3. Clean Up Your Meat (and eggs).  First nobody needs a 12 -18 oz steak.  A good meat portion is 4 oz. Seriously, you don’t need more than that.  Plus, you need to leave room for all your veggies on the bulk of the plate. Not all meats are the same.  Factory farmed meats are bottom line not good for you.  I would really rather you be a vegetarian than eat factory farmed meats.  Natural meat and eggs are not that difficult to find anymore.  You can even order them online, so no excuses. Beef should be grass fed.  That doesn’t mean “organic.” Organic means they were fed organic grains which is far better than the “crap” given to factory animals, but cows were meant to eat grass.  Therefore, you should be consuming only grass fed meats.  Same goes for Poultry, find pastured and naturally reared birds. In regards to eggs, there are a whole lot of natural and healthy sounding options. Be clear on what you want.  Pastured eggs, not cage free.  I have found two brands, Nest Fresh Pasture Raised and Vital Eggs.  Both of these companies will tell you how many square feet of space the chickens have. This is what we are looking for, unless of course, you or your neighbor have chickens in the backyard.  Don’t laugh, lots of people are doing it these days! Fish should go along with this as well.  Wild caught is always the best. If you saw how farm raised fish is raised there is no way you would eat it!

4. You are Allergic to Perfumes.  This includes colognes, body lotions, and all lotions and potions that go on your skin. In one bottle of fragrance you can have up to 600 petrochemicals.  These have not been tested in combination for safety on your skin or going down into your lungs for that matter. It takes 26 seconds for these chemicals to enter your bloodstream after applied.  You continue to breath them all day. This is your detox from the outside in. There are great alternatives out there. LaVanila Laboratories makes a “Healthy Perfume” as well as other body care products.  My fav skincare is made by REN.  They have a great skincare line that encompasses all skin types and agendas as well as anti-aging treatments. Tata Harper, NUDE, Skin Icelandic are good as well.  Jane Iredale makes a pretty good lineup of cosmetics. Don’t throw everything out, just start replacing each item with new cleaner items.

5. Workout.  Don’t just say you need to lose weight. This should never, never, ever be your motivation.  You are in this to get Well, to get Healthy.  If you are high on that BMI chart or your belly is rounded out, then your concern should be diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  These are a much higher concern than weight loss or how you look in a bikini at the beach. Did your last blood work report show that your Lipid Profile was off and your doctor wanted you to go on statins? How about your stress level?  If you are chronically stressed, not only are you not fun to be around, but your body is shooting cortisol which makes your belly grow and fatigues your adrenals.  I’ll tell you, you don’t want to go down the road of adrenal exhaustion. The best way to treat all of the above is to move. Just start of walking. But, my goal with everyone is find that exercise that makes you happy and you miss it when you go on vacation. You HAVE to keep trying things until you hit on that one thing that excites you.  It’s out there I promise.  It took me a long time to find that thing I love…years. Maybe your guilty pleasure is Bravo Reality Shows. You hate to admit it but you are sucked in! So, get on the treadmill, elliptical or other cardio device and watch them while working out. It’s so much better than sitting for 2 hours every night glued to the TV.  Get it moving. There are so many boutique studios out there now.  You just have to try them all out and one will hit you.  Maybe it’s Zumba or maybe it’s Barre class. There are so many more options than “The Gym” or running. Go explore… You’re on a mission to get on the Wellness Wagon!

What’s your go to exercise?  You know the one that makes you feel grrreat!

Let me know how you do with these wellness tricks.  I want to hear comments and progress reports.  Or, do you have great tricks that work for you to keep you on the wellness wagon?  Share with us!

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