Acu In The News Round Up

This is just a nice little round up of acupuncture in the news.  Some are testimonials and some bits are new research that have come out recently. This is the perfect blog to forward to friends and family that could absolutely use some acupuncture but still think it is for the hippy dippy new-agey folks! You […]

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2 Tricks to End Sugar Cravings

I felt this tip was necessary as Diabetes and Obesity or as Dr. Mark Hyman says, Diabesity, is taking over the world.  I must admit that I was a die hard sugar addict in the past.  Shoot, growing up I often times either took a Coke to bed or had it when I woke up.  […]

Patience & Persistence

I felt I needed to address a problem that I see more and more in my practice.  People… you have to know, understand and accept that getting healthy takes patience and persistence.  Bottom line is you didn’t get to where you are overnight, nor will you recover overnight. There is no pill to swallow to suddenly […]

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Healthy Snacks to Go…Here’s Your List

All right now.  Most of you know that you need to change your eating habits or are in the constant throws of improving what you eat. You see, everyone that comes to work with me with whatever issue they are having whether it’s pain, fertility, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. they always put down “and weight […]

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