Are You Fat, Sick & Tired?

Hi all. I’m sure you all are familiar with lack of sleep.  It is one of the most common complaints on the intake form here in the clinic.  I ask how many hours you get each night and typically people respond with between 4 & 6 hours.  Oh, and do you wake up during the […]

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Dr. Oz, Joint Pain & Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hi guys.  I was just reading the Dr. Oz article in the January Oprah Magazine.  He was addressing joint stiffness.  So I thought I would summarize it for you and then reinterpret it for you in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture terms. He says that as many as 46 million Americans suffer from arthritis or other […]

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Green Smoothie Recipe

Lookin’ down a tunnel of goodness! I’ve been getting a lot of requests for more smoothie and juicing recipes lately, so I’m going to try to throw a few new ones together. I tailored this one for a pre-workout.  You see the fruits give me simple carbs to help fuel a workout.  When I get […]

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6 Healthy Alternatives to the Flu Shot

Well, the media is telling us this year is a bad year for the flu and urging everyone to get their flu shots.  I feel like I hear this every year honestly.  I’m asked frequently if I get the flu shot.  I don’t.  Personally, I feel there are better options with much less risk.  But […]

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