Winter Sore Throat Remedy

Homemade Lemon Ginger Honey Sore Throat Syrup

Hi guys. I found this sore throat remedy on the Homesteading / Survivalism Facebook Page.  I think this is a great weekend project for not only you but to do with your kids.  It’s super simple to make and it will look pretty in the refrigerator!

Those of you that know me know I try to use basic food cures as much as possible. This is something that will be very beneficial if you think you may be coming down with a cold or your throat is getting scratchy this winter.  Just put a spoonful in a cup of hot water to make a soothing tea.  Of course, you can take it straight as well like a cough or throat syrup, both ways work.

The honey has antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities that are good to prevent colds and flus, plus it is very soothing to the throat.  The “Must” here is that the honey must be raw and local.  You will be able to find these at local farmers markets very easily.  The honey in the supermarket is not always actual real honey these days.  If you want to experience the medicinal benefits of honey, you must get raw local honey.

The Lemon adds a high amount of vitamin C to the mix which helps your body during stressful times and acts as an immune tonic.  It is also very alkalizing which is ideal when you’re getting sick.  Your body defends itself much better if it’s less acidic in nature. Lemon also helps to control phlegm which can irritate your throat.

The ginger helps to settle the stomach, warm the body and acts as an anti-inflammatory.  In Chinese Medicine ginger helps stop cough and its warming function helps to expel a wind invasion which we English people call a cold.

It is a great first line of defense you can have at the ready in the refrigerator.  I think this is a good project to do with the kids because if they help to make it they will be ready and willing to drink the tea if the need arises.

My opinion is to be proactive and preventive at all times.  I think it’s a great idea to dip into this if you or the kids happen to be out in the elements, were around others with colds and flu, have traveled by plane or are just a little run down.  These are prime situations that allow a cold or flu to attack us.  To be on the safe side, pull your homemade syrup out and have a cup of wellness tea just as a preventive.

Post comments or pics of you and your family making the syrup…I’d love to see.


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4 Responses to “Winter Sore Throat Remedy”

  • Teresa coquelet says:

    Hi Shelley ,
    Please send exact recipe for cough syrup.
    How any lemons, ginger and honey.
    I did not see recipe
    Thank you ,

    • There isn’t an exact recipe. Just thinly slice lemons in your glass jar until full, loosely packed. If you use a 1/2 pint jar, like shown, I would use 1″ of ginger sliced, or if you use a full pint I would use 2″ sliced. Then, just fill with raw local honey and put in the refrigerator. You can adjust the ginger based on how well you handle the heat. Hope this helps.

  • sarwat says:

    Hi Shelly,
    Thanks a lot for d recipe.Do v have 2 refrigerate it …can v carry it while travelling ..

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