Fertility & Acupuncture

I thought I would write a little about Fertility since it is my 2nd most frequently asked question after pain. Does Acupuncture help with Infertility?  In my experience, Yes it does. I actually treat fertility quite frequently.  I tend to get those individuals who are in their 20’s and 30’s.  Some have had a child and have […]

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Lemon Ginger Tea

Patients always ask me for little things they can do to shift closer to total wellness without turning over the apple cart or stressing them out about everything that they eat.  So, this is one of those things that you can do that has great health benefits for everyone.  Start your day with freshly made […]

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My Qi’s Clogged Help!

I got a call the other day from a patient that said my Qi’s all backed up, I need to come in to see you pronto!  So, what does this mean exactly?  A visual is someone who is seriously stressed out.  The stress has been building for a few days or weeks and they are […]

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