Sugar Consumption

I found this great sugar infographic that I thought I would share. Sugar is a huge problem for most people.  And know that you don’t have to be spooning it into your coffee or sprinkling it on your oatmeal to be consuming sugar.

Sugar intake really started to rise with the low fat craze that started in the 80’s.  Remember Snackwells?  They took out the fat, which we need by the way…the good fats anyway, and replaced it with loads of sugar to make the food taste good.  Food…I use that term loosely, as Snackwells are not food.

Soda is another addiction that increases sugar consumption.  As you will see in the graphic, it contains loads of sugar.  No wonder Diabetes has become an epidemic! And the worst part is we are passing this habit off to our kids. Why as a responsible adult would you feed your child soda or processed foods containing not only sugar but a boat load of chemicals, artificial flavors and dyes?

Let’s go back to soda for one sec.  Don’t kid yourself into thinking diet soda is better.  Studies continually show that diet soda makes you fat as well!  Plus you get the artificial sweetner that has it’s own set of health hazards.  I recommend sparkling water with slices of lemon, lime, cucumber or what ever flavor sounds good to you.  This will give you the satisfaction of the bubbles without the bad stuff!  If you are adventurous try kombucha.  It is a fermented drink loaded with health benefits and very bubbly.  Most grocery stores carry the Synergy brand, but in a health food store you would have a wide selection of flavors and brands to choose from.

Ok…off my soapbox and on to the infographic…

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