Excuses Taking Over Your Life

Here is a great quote for you from someone that inspires daily…

Excuses are just low self worth trying to take over your life!  -Mastin Kipp

The reason I bring this quote up and wanted to write about it today is that I get a whole lot of excuses.  Everyone says they know, they should, they will.  What is stopping people?  Getting people to start dietary shifts or exercise is like pulling teeth and if they do start they have trouble sticking to it.

Is it possibly low self worth? Do you feel like you don’t have time?  If it’s you don’t have time then you are not prioritizing properly.  You are not putting enough value on yourself to schedule the time to eat right, exercise and get monthly acupuncture.  Do I think, or does anyone for that matter think, you should all of a sudden turn yourself into an Olympic Athlete in Training? Heck no! But you have to start. And no, you might not be an Olympic Athlete at the start, but if you start you will get better.  Don’t compare yourself to someone that grows their own food, spends hours in the kitchen or never eats “anything bad.”  Don’t compare yourself to the person in your gym or your class that is totally ripped with near zero body fat that you can see. Start from where you are today, value yourself, commit to yourself and you will get better every day. One day you will look back and not recognize the person you are today!

Look, I’ve been through this myself.  I felt like if people wanted late appointments every night of the week I should schedule them whenever other people wanted me.  I was leaving early and getting home late every night which made it near impossible to cook healthy food and workout like I needed to! And my regular acupuncture, became “what’s that?” I put a stop to that.  I am more valuable than that. I will be better for others if I eat well, workout and get acupuncture.  So…I take late appointments one night a week plus one Saturday a month. And you know what?  It’s been a year now and the world didn’t end, nobody yelled at me and people are grateful for the late evening I do offer.  So…you need to value yourself enough to take care of this body you were given.  If you don’t, you won’t be able to properly serve others whether it’s your job, your spouse, your children or parents, or just your community.

When your body starts to cave under pressure (frequent colds/allergies, high blood pressure, diabetes, or worse) how will you maintain? You won’t! So value yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. No more I should or I will.  No more excuses. Start today and make small changes.

I repeat this every day.  Small changes.  These small changes will lead to revolutionary change in your health, your life and your happiness.  This I know for sure.  You ARE worth it.  You are WORTH more than you realize.

If you feel like you don’t know where to start or need a jump start, just call.


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