Why I Juice

With the classes I have been teaching here locally, I’m getting a lot of “Why should I juice?”  “What will juicing do for me?”  So here’s a quick why for you…

1. Feed Your Body. People eat mostly processed food.  You start with cereal, then you have a drive thru burger and fries, maybe a soda or two, for dinner it’s maybe canned soup, or chicken tenders, or hamburger helper or a frozen entree or pizza.  What’s fresh?  Where’s the real food with the actual nutrition? And people wonder why these chronic diseases are on the rise!

Juicing is a quick and easy way to start adding whole real nutrient rich food into your diet, but bonus it’s all raw too! You get a massive hit of nutrition that your body is craving.   Do you realize that when you give your body real nutrient dense food that your body starts to heal and repair itself and bonus your cravings start to go away because you actually fed your body!

2. Alkalize.  Because of all the processed food, sugar, and alcohol we consume, among other not so great things, we are very acidic. The more acidic you are the more inflammation you have, the more risk you have for cardiovascular disease, arthritis and cancer. Whoa nelly…pass the juice!

3. Weight loss.  First, when you alkalize and decrease your inflammation it makes it easier to lose weight. Second, when you actually feed your body what it actually needs, the cravings start to subside. No more binging on chips and ice cream…sweet! Also, just a clarification for you. When it comes to weight loss I recommend blending rather than actual juicing.  That is emulsifying all the fruits and veggies with the fiber.  This is beneficial in weight loss because it is oh so filling. It helps with bowel function as well as aids the liver function which is needed during weight loss.

4. Energy.  When you feed your body a boat load of nutrients you actually get a major energy boost!  So, this translates to a happier mood and more energy to prepare healthy meals instead of being so fatigued you default to fast food junk. It also means that you have more energy to exercise! Win-Win.

5. Detox.  Especially when you are blending/juicing greens including the fiber, it really helps your body to detox.

6. It’s quick and easy (especially if you VitaMix), it’s portable, it’s great for breakfast if you’re a “I don’t do breakfast” kinda person, and it tastes great once you master the recipes.

If you’re local, come out to a class to see how it’s done and taste some recipes.  If you’re not local, I try to add to juice recipes as often as I can.

Cheers my Juice Buddies!



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