Small Substitutions

I always teach that small tweaks whether in our diet or exercise lead to revolutionary change.  We as humans don’t respond well to turning our life upside down to follow some new exercise craze or diet fad.  It lasts about a week, maybe two if you’re determined and then we “fail.”  I know if someone tries to restrict or overturn my daily habits it doesn’t last long.  This is why we always feel like we are failing and why we usually return to our old habits. Instead I recommend small changes that eventually add up to revolutionary change that sticks for a lifetime.

Soda is a big one in this country.  We need to get away from soda, regular and diet! So on these hot days, record-breaking these days, let’s opt for something different.  Still a drive-thru…how about an Iced Green Tea unsweetened from Starbucks?!  Cold and refreshing!

If you have to have something cold and sweet then try the Iced Green Tea Latte.  It is made with Matcha Green Tea which actually has some nice health benefits.  Matcha is a really good antioxidant, so you are doing your body more good than a soda.  Just ask for 1/2 the sweetener & no whip.  Believe me 1/2 the sweetener will be plenty sweet!

Just remember…small change leads to revolutionary change!

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