So many say to me that Celery has no health benefits.  Every once in a while someone is “dieting” and is eating celery & carrots because they think this is how you diet.  Someone down the road told them it was a negative calorie food meaning it takes more energy to digest it than it contains in calories.  Here is an awesome graphic that I found that summarizes some of the benefits of celery that you probably never knew or considered.


First, this is not the way to diet! Secondly, celery actually has health benefits. Third, you don’t have to limit it to plain rabbit food or spicing up a soup.

Kids and adults always like Ants on a Log.  You take 3-4″ pieces of celery and fill in the groove with your choice of cashew, almond or peanut butter.  Then just dot raisins, ants, along the length of the celery.   I really enjoy the the more “grown up” version of this by replacing the raisins with bits of crystallized ginger.  If you want to be super fancy pants, drizzle with a little local raw honey!

This is a snack that gives you crunch, peppery-ness of the celery, the fat & fiber from the nut butter, and sweet and/or spicy of the raisins or ginger.  This should satisfy all of your cravings and keep you satiated.  It is a very tasty and stick to your ribs snack you can take to the office in place of using the vending machine or grabbing donuts in the conference room or send them off with your kids to school.


Leave me a comment & let me know if you liked the ginger! I love your comments, so if you have any other creative ideas for using celery, let me know.


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