Alkalinity? I’ve Heard the Hype, now what is it Exactly?

The body desires a more alkaline state to be really healthy. When we get more acidic then inflammation occurs and we open ourselves up to inflammation, pain & disease.  The more acidic, the more inflammation and disease. The more alkaline, the less inflammation and disease. Period.

How do we get there? All of the processed food and sugar that you take in makes your body more acidic. The more whole foods including fruits and vegetables, the more alkaline you become.  You can monitor this by buying a roll of litmus paper if you’re so inclined and test your urine throughout the day.

Do you make drastic changes and cut out ALL acidic foods? NO! Protein tends to be acidic but it’s essential to health. The key is to balance your protein with the more alkaline foods so you come out closer to neutral-alkaline.

A great first step is cutting out the junk food, you know cheese balls, skittles and fast food, and add more highly alkaline fruits and veggies. Throw in a green smoothie and you get an A+ for the day.  Snap…you are on your way! So easy!

If you want more detailed information there are a million books on the subject.  Just go to and search alkaline diet and it could keep you busy all afternoon!  If not, the chart above is an excellent starter guide to get you on your way.

Remember change is a Process.  Small changes lead to Revolutionary Change.

I love hearing from you, so if you have questions, comments or experiences to share, just leave a comment below.

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