Brussels Sprouts

I love Brussels Sprouts!  Let me just say, I thought these little buggars were total gross until 5 years ago.  Knowing how to prepare things is the key to success in your diet. I’d choose these over Chips any day of the week! So power packed with nutrients and disease fighters and so quick and easy […]

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Goals Equal Better Results

Studies show that having goals results in more Happiness and Bigger Achievements. So, let’s hash out some goals so we get to where we want to go.  Seems easy enough, right? You need to start with the Big Picture.  What is it that you ultimately want.  Like, I want to be fit & healthy.  I […]

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So many say to me that Celery has no health benefits.  Every once in a while someone is “dieting” and is eating celery & carrots because they think this is how you diet.  Someone down the road told them it was a negative calorie food meaning it takes more energy to digest it than it […]

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Super Food Acai Smoothie

Super Food Acai Smoothie   I love this Smoothie! It is so refreshing and I love that I am getting so many Super Foods in one Glass! With the right combination of ingredients you can pack one powerful punch into just one glass.     Acai is a fruit from the Amazon that has super […]

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Inspired & Confirmed by Tony Robbins

I love this quote by Tony Robbins:     This sort of reinforces what I try to tell people everyday. This health thing?  It’s a journey.  I have been on this journey trying to master my health and help others do the same for many years.  I have continued to learn new things over the years that have […]

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Small Substitutions

I always teach that small tweaks whether in our diet or exercise lead to revolutionary change.  We as humans don’t respond well to turning our life upside down to follow some new exercise craze or diet fad.  It lasts about a week, maybe two if you’re determined and then we “fail.”  I know if someone […]

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Cherry Smoothie Recipe

The Cherry Season is sooo short! I love fresh cherries and inhale as many as I can while they are available.  I made this yummy smoothie the other night and thought I would share it with you.  And a heads up FYI…you don’t taste the spinach in this so it is fantastic for kids that […]

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Alkalinity? I’ve Heard the Hype, now what is it Exactly?

The body desires a more alkaline state to be really healthy. When we get more acidic then inflammation occurs and we open ourselves up to inflammation, pain & disease.  The more acidic, the more inflammation and disease. The more alkaline, the less inflammation and disease. Period. How do we get there? All of the processed food […]

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